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The Dumbest Zenpencils Comics

You know, most webcomics are independent projects, and are thus more unrestricted in what they can do and what stories they can tell, and yet so many of them just end up being namby-pamby. Thus we have Zenpencils, one of the most … Continue reading

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Alex Ze Pirate

NOTE: Just so you know, there are gonna be a lot of links in this article. And most of them don’t lead anywhere pleasant. So, I’ve talked before about the net-infamous Andrew Dobson aka Tom Preston. Here’s pretty much what … Continue reading

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The Most Infuriating So You’re A Cartoonist Comics

There are some works of art, some works of fiction, that just make me plain angry, some more than others. I mean, to take an example from this blog, The Boy Who Dreamed Christmas ticked me off quite greatly, since … Continue reading

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