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Rainbow – Zipman and Bobbin

Welcome back to Batman Parody Month! Now, a year or so ago, I looked at an episode of the bizarre children’s series Rainbow, a show about the adventures of a bear, a hippo and a zip-mouthed whatever. The episode I … Continue reading

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Rainbow – Super Bungle

OK, Batman, you’ve got three “realistic” movies. OK, Superman, you’ve got stories where you’ve got angst. OK, X-Men, you’re an allegory about racism and prejudice. But let’s face it; superheroes are more or less kids’ stuff. Superheroes are childish, comic … Continue reading

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The Five Most Fucked-Up Creatures from British Kids’ Telly

I am a Brit and proud of it (yeah, I’m a poet as well), and thus I am of the mentality that in general, British telly is better than American TV. British comedy is funnier, British dramas are more dramatic, … Continue reading

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