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Road to the North Pole vs. The Boy Who Dreamed Christmas

OK, fuckers, Christmas Day may have been and gone but I want to put out at least one Christmas-themed article/review/whatever before Twelfth Night. In fact, I want to revisit a cartoon I took a look at two Christmasses ago. The … Continue reading

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A Flintstones Christmas Carol

So some of us want our kids to watch less cartoons and read more classical literature. How do we do that? Why not try doing adaptations of classical literature with cartoon characters in the roles? Why not do an adaptation … Continue reading

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A Christmas Carol (2006 version)

Does anyone remember when I did a countdown of the dumbest moments in Christmas Carol adaptations? Well, there’s one version I sadly overlooked, one that was packed with ridiculous and asinine moments. The 2006 animated version by BKN Entertainment was … Continue reading

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Why Five Nights At Freddy’s is the Most Christmassy Game Ever

There a lot of video games that seem to be made to play at Halloween; there’s no better way to get into the October spirit than a couple of Amnesia custom stories. But are there that many games made for … Continue reading

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The Five Best Renditions of the Penguin from Batman

You know, at Christmas time, you see a lot of certain animals decorating shop windows, dioramas and Christmas trees. You see several reindeer, maybe a polar bear or two, and of course, penguins. Penguins aren’t really that Christmassy given they … Continue reading

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Avenger Penguins – A Christmas Carol

With less than a month to go until Christmas, I guess I better start writing some Christmassy shit. I’m pretty sure nostalgic Brits remember the cartoons of Cosgrove Hall; Danger Mouse, where Del Boy Trotter played a spy mouse, The … Continue reading

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A Christmas Carol (the Ross Kemp version)

We’ve looked before at various traditional versions of A Christmas Carol, so why don’t we talk about the modern adaptations? The ones which take the basic framework of the story and place it in the modern time, like Sherlock did … Continue reading

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