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Brickman Begins

I think I should conclude Batman Parody Month with a Batman parody I actually like. I mean, the last three I covered I can’t say I hate, but I have a few more nice things to say about what I’m … Continue reading

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Quick Review – The IT Crowd Finale

This Sunday (or Monday if you’re a Brit like me), Breaking Bad will air its final episode, the culmination of five series’ worth of build-up, intrigue and fodder for silly comics. Yet on Friday, another TV show aired its final … Continue reading

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The Six Craziest Trial Scenes in Film

A courtroom can be a terrifying place. Sure, it can be boring if you’re in the jury having to sit through a trial for a petty offence, but imagine if you, or a character you sympathise with, stands before a … Continue reading

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Quick Review – Count Arthur Strong

Now I love me a bit of Graham Linehan, or rather, Graham Linehan’s shows. He is the co-creator of Father Ted, a delightfully hilarious show revolving around the lives of three Irish priests, and he wrote and directed The IT … Continue reading

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Not Going Out – Series 6

I love me a bit of comedy, especially British comedy, because British people are funnier and better than you Yanks, nyah nyah.  Still, BBC over the decades has delivered some of the greatest comedy shows to ever grace the airwaves; … Continue reading

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