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A Christmas Carol (the Ross Kemp version)

We’ve looked before at various traditional versions of A Christmas Carol, so why don’t we talk about the modern adaptations? The ones which take the basic framework of the story and place it in the modern time, like Sherlock did … Continue reading

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Four Awesome Evil Snowmen

So you may have heard that Disney has released a new movie called Frozen. And if you’ve heard of Frozen, you probably know about this little fucker: Frozen got generally good reviews, but this thing, this horrid hybrid of an … Continue reading

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The Simpsons Christmas

So, I was just thinking…this blog is a review blog named after a Simpsons Treehouse of Horror story, and yet I haven’t reviewed The Simpsons at all. What’s up with that? So to remedy this mistake, I’m going to look … Continue reading

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The Seven Dumbest Moments in Christmas Carol Adaptations

Christmas specials can really be put into two categories: those that are based off of Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol, and those that are not. A Christmas Carol is a very flexible story, able to fit a variety of settings … Continue reading

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