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Five Bizarre Cartoons Based on Classic Monsters

So a while back when I first started this blog, I wrote an article about all the times kiddie cartoons copied famous slasher movie villains like Pinhead and Freddy, but I’ve written a lot more about the times cartoons have … Continue reading

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The Legend of Memo the Hierophant

You ever just randomly remember books you used to love when you were a kid, and upon remembering said book, felt the urge to reread it, even if it wouldn’t likely measure up to your now-higher standards? That recently happened … Continue reading

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Five Surreal Horror-Themed Fleetway Comics

So I’ve talked before about The Beano and its video adaptations, and talking about it made me realise that DC Thomson isn’t exactly the best when it comes to kids’ comics. In fact, while I did like The Beano when … Continue reading

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Fraidy Cat

What the fuck. What the fuck. That’s a common reaction to have to television programming, that is, ‘what the fuck’. Sometimes it can be meant in a good way; ie. the programme has left you with a bewildering mystery, and … Continue reading

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