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Quick Review – The IT Crowd Finale

This Sunday (or Monday if you’re a Brit like me), Breaking Bad will air its final episode, the culmination of five series’ worth of build-up, intrigue and fodder for silly comics. Yet on Friday, another TV show aired its final … Continue reading

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The Nine Most Halloweeny Batman Stories

Halloween is a little over a month away, so let’s talk about a very Halloweeny character. Namely, Batman. Oh sure, there are characters more Halloweeny than he is, some of them superheroes (Ghost Rider comes to mind, but I don’t … Continue reading

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Four Monsters I Can’t Take Seriously Anymore

Nobody may believe in ghosts and goblins and witches and ghouls (if you do, tell me where I can send the men in white coats), but a good horror story should make its audience take its monster seriously. If you’re … Continue reading

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