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Four Ways Webcomics for Adults are Akin to Kiddie Cartoons

I admit I do review a lot of children’s media on this blog, so it may seem strange that when I call them “childish” I mean so in a critical way. But let’s face it, a movie for children and … Continue reading

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Alex Ze Pirate

NOTE: Just so you know, there are gonna be a lot of links in this article. And most of them don’t lead anywhere pleasant. So, I’ve talked before about the net-infamous Andrew Dobson aka Tom Preston. Here’s pretty much what … Continue reading

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The New Adventures of Batman – He Who Laughs Last

There are plenty of things to like about Batman’s rogues gallery – the most famous array of villains in all of comic books – but one thing worth noting about its major members is their names. Names that not only … Continue reading

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