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The Six Craziest Trial Scenes in Film

A courtroom can be a terrifying place. Sure, it can be boring if you’re in the jury having to sit through a trial for a petty offence, but imagine if you, or a character you sympathise with, stands before a … Continue reading

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I’ve talked before about the relationship between kids’ cartoons and horror movies; I daresay it’s a love-hate relationship, really. Some horror cartoons are successfully entertaining and do justice to the monsters and the mythology they portray, others…not so much. Once … Continue reading

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The New Adventures of Batman – Bite-Sized

When adapting an overexposed hero like Superman or Batman, it is not enough for the adaptation to just take comic stories and give them animation; you have to put your own stamp on the hero and his world too. How … Continue reading

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Quick Review – Count Arthur Strong

Now I love me a bit of Graham Linehan, or rather, Graham Linehan’s shows. He is the co-creator of Father Ted, a delightfully hilarious show revolving around the lives of three Irish priests, and he wrote and directed The IT … Continue reading

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The Five Weirdest (Official) Cartoon Crossovers

If there’s one thing the internet loves, it’s crossovers. Taking characters from two different franchises, either combining them or seeing how they’d react to each other. Fanartists and fanfic writers all over the net have strived to create adventures involving … Continue reading

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