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Rainbow – Super Bungle

OK, Batman, you’ve got three “realistic” movies. OK, Superman, you’ve got stories where you’ve got angst. OK, X-Men, you’re an allegory about racism and prejudice. But let’s face it; superheroes are more or less kids’ stuff. Superheroes are childish, comic … Continue reading

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Superman – Triple Play

Man of Steel was released in theaters last week, and the response was generally favourable, despite its controversial RottenTomatoes rating. I myself haven’t seen it yet, but I am glad that Superman is getting another chance on the big screen. … Continue reading

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Hotel Transylvania

Okay, people, reviewing this movie, I feel, is a necessity for this blog. After all, this is a blog for reviewing horror and cartoons and horror cartoons, and Hotel Transylvania is a horror cartoon movie – one of three released … Continue reading

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Not Going Out – Series 6

I love me a bit of comedy, especially British comedy, because British people are funnier and better than you Yanks, nyah nyah.  Still, BBC over the decades has delivered some of the greatest comedy shows to ever grace the airwaves; … Continue reading

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Dr. Zitbag’s Transylvania Pet Shop – Welcome to the Transylvania Pet Shop

You know, I told myself I wouldn’t look at any more episodes of Dr. Zitbag’s Transylvania Pet Shop, I wouldn’t watch any more of that douchebag doctor working in his castle with his skeleton dog and zombie rabbit. I had … Continue reading

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