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A Nightmare on Elm Street (The Remake)

Today, kids, we’re going to be looking at a remake! Everybody loves remakes, don’t they, especially horror ones! Seriously though, I do find different takes on the same story interesting, but only when a) that same story is one that … Continue reading

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The New Adventures of Batman – Deep Freeze

You know, when you compare corny Silver Age superhero comics to the “darker”, “mature” superhero comics, what really sticks out is not the differences between the two, but rather the similarities. Put in all the dark cities and swear words … Continue reading

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Horror – Good Stories, Bad Endings

NOTE: Spoilers, of course, including mild ones for Cabin in the Woods You may have noticed a teeny tiny little change in the tagline up there. That’s because I want to broaden this blog a little. Yeah, I mean, I … Continue reading

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Yo Yogi!

The best stories are those that are timeless, those that can last decades and still be enjoyed. A Christmas Carol, for example, may have been written in 1843, but the flexibility of the story and its message means that it … Continue reading

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The Five Most Fucked-Up Creatures from British Kids’ Telly

I am a Brit and proud of it (yeah, I’m a poet as well), and thus I am of the mentality that in general, British telly is better than American TV. British comedy is funnier, British dramas are more dramatic, … Continue reading

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There is probably no archetype more prevalent in cartoons than that of the humble talking dog. Sure, we’ve had talking cats, talking pigs, talking platypuses, talking amoeba, etc, but in the talking animal kingdom, the talking dog reigns supreme. Scooby-Doo. … Continue reading

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